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Student Finance – 6 Cool Ways to Roll-In Some Bucks While Still Studying

Life of a student is not as easy-going as some would often assume. In fact, students often live a pretty hectic, tough and, at times, financially strained college life. From managing expenses for new books and materials to saving out some cash for friendly get-togethers, adequate money is seriously needed at every step. Plus, a decent expense is also required to quench the materialistic thirst of students who can’t live without high-end notebooks, iPods or smartphones.

Therefore, if you are being financially crushed by your needs as well as wants, then you may probably want to look at the following methods that can help you roll in some easy bucks.

Get Yourself a Part-time Job

Indeed, getting a part-time job is an ideal way for students to continue their studies while earning some money to manage their expenses independently. Moreover, finding a part-time work in the vicinity has become easier than before since at every block, these days, you may easily find restaurants, retail stores or mini-marts that require part-time workers. Not only does it keep your wallet crammed with money every week, but helps you develop some necessary marketing skills as well like direct marketing, customer retention, brand marketing, interpersonal skills, etc.

Turn Your Car Into a Walking Billboard

If you think cars are something that although help you commute but also add more expenses to your wallet, then you are completely wrong. You may not have heard it before, but you are going to now that cars can also help you generate some income. Simply, Google some companies that pay you money for having temporary adverts place on your car and get ready to be amazed to see how much they are willing to pay you for this gig. Bonus point: some may even pay for your monthly petrol.

Capitalize on Your Research & Writing Skills

If you are good at making well-research notes or reference papers, why not capitalize on those skills and work as an assignment expert or writer for an online firm. Believe it or not, there’s a good demand for skilled academic researchers and writers out there. The best part is that there’s certainly no shortage in the number of such services working as online writing service providers.

Become a Content Writer For Hire

If you are not into academic research yet you do have a flare of creative writing, then a content writing job would be the perfect option for you. Content writing is a pretty popular trend in the current era as more and more people are turning to Google for answers, which they can’t have unless there’s a lot of content available on the web. Therefore, countless numbers of blogs and websites are being created for the sole purpose of making information globally available and accessible. Be a part of this global endeavor, make some contributions and earn some cash in the process.

Sell All Your Old Notes

Jotting down lectures and organizing them in a proper form of notes is crucial for academic success. However, not every student gets to avail the whole lecture as some of them often miss out on their lectures due to late arrival in the classroom or because of long sick leaves. Nevertheless, you may become “The Savior” for such students by offering your past notes at reasonable prices.

Find Yourself Some Kids to Babysit

If you like kids and you don’t mind taking care of them and their naggings, then babysitting is the classic and ideal job for you. Needless to say, you also get to avail free food, Cable and movies while the kids are asleep in their room.

The aforementioned list is just a tip of the iceberg and if you look around, you will find countless numbers of other more productive ways to generate easy money. Who knows with some luck you might find yourself a facebook of your own?


Vanessa Collister is a passionate and ambitious girl driven by the sole purpose of making the world recognizes her creative writing talent.

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