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Product release – September 2016

The summer was very creative for us here in Schoox. We have released some very important features in September:

  • Career Paths
  • Suggested Courses
  • Configure Tools Menu
  • Set limit to exam attempts
  • Search bar on Home Page
  • Updated Course and Group Discussion Boards


Career Paths

Assuming associations between jobs, skills, and courses have been set up, users will now be able to follow learning paths. This powerful feature helps users strengthen their skills, and take courses necessary for desired future roles.

personalized learning paths

If you are an admin, view this article for more information: How Can I Control The Career Paths Settings Of My Academy?

If you are an employee, view this article for more information: How To View Or Follow A Career Path?

Suggested Courses

Schoox can now suggest additional courses based on skills needed for their job.  You, as an Academy admin, can choose to turn this feature on, and then configure what criteria and priorities should be taken into account.

suggested courses

Suggested courses will be displayed on the individual’s Home Page.


View this article for more information: Adaptive Learning – Suggested courses

Configure Tools Menu

You, as an Academy’s admin, can now choose your favorite quick tools for your Toolbar. These tools will be visible to anyone in your Academy who has the Tools tab.

toolbar configuration

View this article for more information:Read in our help center: Toolbar Configuration

Search bar on Home Page

You can now control if you’d like to add a universal search bar on your Academy’s Home Page. This search bar will allow members to search for Courses, Curricula or other academy members.

home page

The search bar will be displayed on your academy’s Home Page.


View this article for more information:: Home Page Configuration

Set limit to exam attempts

You are now able to set how many times the students can retake the exam.

retake exam
View this article for more information: How Can I Create An Exam For A Course?

Export poll results in PDF format

You are now able to export now the results of your polls in PDF format.



manage polls


The results will be displayed as a bar chart.


Read in our Help Center:

How Do I Create A Poll?

How Do I Manage My Polls?

Updated Course and Group Discussion Boards

The course and the group discussion boards have been updated. You can now format your text, as well as add links in your comments.


discussion board

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