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Product release – November 2015

Four new features are released to help you schedule your reports, create your custom certificates, improve the way you upload your files and customize your Academy’s settings.

Here is the list of our great new Academy’s capabilities:

  • Schedule reports tool
  • Create your own Custom Certificate
  • Updated “Upload Files” widget
  • Customize the Academy’s Member Settings

Schedule reports

You, as an academy administrator or as a manager who has access to the reporting, are now able to receive your Academy’s reports via email. You can choose how often you’d like to receive those reports and that’s how you will stay up to date with your employee’s progress.schedule_reports


Read on our help center: How Do I Schedule Emailed Reports?

Custom Certificates

As an academy administrator, you are able now to create your own cool Certificate for your Academy.

You can customize the certificate’s style, color, logo and signature.

custom certificate

Read on our help center: How Do I Customize My Academy’s Certificate?

Updated “Upload Files” widget

You can now upload your files not only from your computer, but even from Dropbox, Box, Instagram and more.  You can even capture your own pictures or record your own videos by using your desktop’s webcam.


record video


Member Settings

You, as an administrator, can control the settings for the members of your Academy. You can control if About info, Knowledge profileCertificates and some other features will be shown at the member’s profiles.member_settings


Read on our help center: What Settings Of My Academy Can I Control?

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