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Product release – May 2016

During May, a bunch of new cool features were released in Schoox.

  • Set Rights for the Head of each Above Unit
  • Access Curricula on your Mobile App
  • Customized Home Page
  • Updated Course Announcements
  • Priority Listing for Curricula
  • Extra Member Settings
  • Assign Skills Option
  • Upload Skills and Group Skills Option
  • Upload Jobs and Units Option


Set Rights for the Head of each Above Unit

The Academy Admins can set now set the rights that each Head of Above Unit will have within the Academy. These rights include Reporting,Manage Members,Assign Courses, and more.

above units rights


Access Curricula on your Mobile App 

All users are now able to access the Academy’s Curricula on our native Mobile App for iOS and Android.

curricula mobile

Customized Home Page

You, as an Admin, are able to customize your home page, and select the blocks that will be visible for your Academy’s members.

Home page configuration


Read on our help center: What settings of my Academy can I control?


Extra Member Settings

You can now, as an Academy Admin, control whether your employees can rate and comment on shared content, as well as if they can download files within your academy library.

Read on our help center: What settings of my Academy can I control?

New Course Announcements

You, as an Admin or Training Manager, can send Announcements to enrolled members by using a new and improved interface. You can now select the users by using the “Individual announcement” or the “Advanced Announcement” tool, and then send them your message.

send announcement


Priority listing for curricula

You are now able to list your Curricula in the order you want them displayed as you can with courses.

curricula listings

Assign skills Option

You can now assign several skills to your employees. Simply select the skills and use the “Individual Assignment” or the “Advanced Assignment” tool.

assign skills

Read on our help center: How Do I Manage My Employee’s Skills And Performance?

Upload Skills and Group Skills list

There is the option to upload new Skills and new Group Skills by uploading an Excel file.

upload skills


Upload Jobs and Units/Above Units

While creating your Organizational Structure, you as an Academy Admin, can now upload Jobs and Units/Above Units with an Excel file.

upload units

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