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Product release – July 2015

Three new features were released during June to help you manage effectively your company’s workforce and get the best insights about your employees’ Progress and Skills. Moreover the new feature for Courses archiving will allow you to keep all your old courses in place, without deleting them.

Here is the list of our great new features:

  • Skills and Performance Management
  • Basic Reporting module
  • Archive Courses & Curriculums
  • In Class training events
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Mobile Push Notifications

Skills and Performance Management

Schoox allows you to set up your academy with skill management in mind. So you are able to utilize your staff to the best of their abilities. Your administrator can associate appropriate skills with both jobs and courses within your Academy. Through the exam results in those courses you are able to easily see who may be a good fit for various jobs within your company.

Within Skills and Jobs Performance you can see where each individual stands next to their pears in both of various academy’s skills and jobs. So you can see who may be a good choice to move up to manager. Skill assessment can be incredibly valuable in efficient and effective staffing. It allows you to see in a tensible way how your staff’s training relates to their place in your company.

Skill Job performance

On the other hand, within Users’ Performance you can see individual assessment, you can find specific individuals and then click their name to dive into the results.

 users performance

Watch our videos: Skill Management for Administrators and Skill Management for Training Managers.

Basic Reporting module

You are now able to create any report you’d like, set specific filters according to your needs and export your customized reports as Excel files.

By navigating to the Basic Reporting tab, you can generate reports based on specific parameters. Simply filter the needed information using the drop-down menus, and click the associated Create Report button.

basic report

Read on our help center : How can I Export My Employees’ Progress – Basic Reporting

Archive Courses & Curriculums

You can easily archive courses you are no longer using.  This effectively hides the course from all students, but allows you to make it active again at a later date.

To archive a course, click Manage Course within the appropriate course under the Training tab.  Under Edit Course in the side menu bar, select Archive Course.

archive courses

Read on our help center : How do I archive a course?

In Class training events

In class training allows you to hold an in-person non-virtual meeting or training at a specific time and physical location. It can be organized as part of a course or a curriculum or independently. You can invite the participants manual or set up rules to automatically invite anyone who fits within the parameters.


Watch our video: In-Class Training and Live Sessions

Virtual classrooms

Live events allow you to arrange and hold a live web stream of an event, broadcasting it over the internet to select audience. It can be organized as part of a course or a curriculum or independently. In order to hold a live streaming event you will need to have and connect to a Citrix GoToTraining account.

live sessions

Watch our video: In-Class Training and Live Sessions

Mobile Push Notifications

All users get now instantly push notifications at their mobile devices, every time that a course is assigned to them, a message is sent to them etc.


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