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Product Release – February 2017

New Year’s resolutions are always a good opportunity to look back and evaluate choices and changes. Well, now was our chance to sit down and evaluate what changed for Schoox over the last few months. Several new features have been released in Schoox, as we move forward toward an even more successful 2017.

  • Brands
  • Library Category Permissions
  • Announcements with Attachments
  • Purchase and Management of Courses Collections  
  • Business Impact
  • Configurable Notifications
  • Request Assessements
  • Compliance Courses
  • Personalize Academy



“Brands” is a new way to differentiate your above units. By labeling a type of above unit as a “Brand”, you have the option to give a custom logo, cover, or name to that above unit.



Read on our help center: How Can I Label an Above Unit as a Brand?


Library Category Permissions

As an academy Admin you can control who will perform certain actions in each library category, based on your academy’s organizational structure. Specifically, you can control who can read and write content based on jobs, units, and above units.

permission 4



View this article for more information: How Can I Manage My Academy Library?


Announcements with Attachments

Now, you can upload relevant documents, and include attachments when you send announcements. This new feature allows you to speed up the announcement procedures.

Upload Attachemnt



Read on our help center: How Can I Send Announcements?


Purchase and Management of Courses Collections

You can now subscribe to a full collection of hundreds of courses offered by our content providers (i.e. BizLibrary, Mastery TCN) as part of one subscription plan. A user, who is subscribed in these academies can buy courses – licenses for himself, other users, or his academy. This means that each licensed user can have access to a full collection of courses within these academies. Whenever necessary, the admin can allocate a license, assign specific courses as required to users, or remove the license from them.



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Business Impact

Organizations are now able to explore how training affects different aspects of their business performance. As an administrator you can set up your business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and evaluate the success of your training on a monthly basis.

With this powerful tool, you can investigate what kind of relationship exists between training and specific KPIs (e.g., between exam rates and monthly revenue); compare this relationship among users, units, or time frames; and draw meaningful conclusions about your business. You can also evaluate the level of your organization’s knowledge adequacy anytime.

impact factors


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Configurable Notifications

New settings allow the configuration of your academy’s notifications.

You now have the option to adjust who will receive a notification, as well as preview the message they will receive. Moreover, you can always schedule the time these notifications will be sent, or set a reminder to certain recipients.

recipient of notifications



Read on our help center: How Can I Manage My Academy’s Notifications?


Request Assessments

You can now notify managers that they need to assess employees. These requests can be sent once, or periodically by creating an automatic rule. What’s more, you can track the status of the requested assessments, as well as the managers who are assigned to complete them.

Advanced Assessment


Read also on our help center: How Can I Request an Assessment?


Compliance Courses

In Schoox you can  mark courses as Compliance Courses, and then track compliance in your academy. Compliance courses can be monitored in their own dashboard, where you can also check your academy’s compliance score, the number of compliant employees, the number of non-compliant employees –  among others –  per academy, as well as per compliance course.

compliance score_ academy


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Personalize your Academy

You can now change your academy’s look based on your personal preferences. You are given the option to adjust the menu and font color, the menu size, as well as the font hover color.

Schoox Color


Learn more: How Can I Personalize My Academy?






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