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Product release – February 2016

Our new features have been released and we are thrilled to announce that you are now able to upload images both in exam questions and in exam answers, create recurring events and connect skills with the On-The-Job-Training.

Here is the list of our great new features:

  • Upload images in exams
  • Local Leaderboards
  • Recurring Events and Event as part of Steps
  • Connect Skills and On The Job Training
  • Select type of assessment for your On The Job Training
  • Hide auto-generated posts and Promote wall post
  • Live Sessions available through our Mobile App
  • Permissions for sending Announcements

Upload images in exams

As a training manager, you can now include images in your questions and exams.
exam images


Read more in our help center: How Can I Create An Exam For A Course?

Local Leaderboards

As a Unit Manager or Assistant Unit Manager you are now able to access the Local Leaderboards. A new type of Leaderboards has been added that allows you to have an overview of your Unit ranking as learners.

local leaderboards

Recurring Events and Event Steps

As an admin you are now able to create recurring events that will be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. These events can be offered as standalone events or as part of a course/curriculum. You can also add multiple steps to your event.

multiple events

Connect skills and On The Job Training

You are now able to associate an On The Job Training with Skills that are used throughout your Academy.

OTJT assosiated skills2


Select type of assessment for your On The Job Training

You are able, as an admin, to select what kind of assessment you’d like to use for you Academy’s On The Job Training. You can choose between “Performance Levels”, such as good, excellent etc., and Score, that can vary from 0% to 100%. OTJT settings

Hide auto-generated posts and Promote wall posts

You can now hide the auto-generated posted from your “Home” page. As an Academy administrator, you can also pin posts that will be displayed at the top of the “Home” page.




Virtual classrooms available on the mobile

The virtual events are now available on the mobile for your employees.

live sessions mobile1


Set the Send Announcements Permissions

You as an administrator are able to control if  a Unit Manager or a Head of an Above Unit is allowed to Send Announcements.

send announcements

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