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7 Ways to Make Learning Memorable and Fun

How can you make your learning experiences more memorable and less boring? Capturing your audience’s attention and holding it can make the transfer of knowledge much more effective. It’s more important than ever to try and create a memorable connection during the learning process. It’s not enough to simply check the boxes and have all …

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Schoox Receives “Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution” Award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory

The annual HR Tech Awards, powered by Lighthouse Research and Advisory, selects Schoox as the “Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution” for talent development in 2021. Austin, TX – May 26, 2021│Schoox announces its selection as the 2021 HR Tech Awards Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution. The selection was for the Talent Development category. …

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Continuous Compliance Training: A Better Approach to Workplace Behavior Change

Do you think of compliance training as a one-time activity to mitigate risk or to avoid penalties on an audit? If so, you’re not alone. Let’s face it, compliance training often carries with it a stigma of being “boring” or “dry.” Regardless, it is still an important and necessary aspect of business—one that can come …

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The Dos and Don’ts of Approaching Learning Solution Vendors

Is your organization ready to start looking for a learning solution vendor? If you decide to take things externally, shopping around for a vendor is not an easy task. You need to find a vendor who can provide exactly what you need, a solution tailored to your specifications. However, a common mistake people make is …

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The Role of Learning and Development in the Employee Experience

What do the words “employee experience” mean to you? Every employee, manager, or business owner likely has a different definition. It can relate to day-to-day experiences, recruitment, training and development, retention, and everything in between. It relates to every touchpoint a business has with an employee, from when they first join to whenever they decide …

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How to Support Employees in a Career Change

Over the past 12 months, employees worldwide have had time to examine their lives and question whether or not they’re on the right career path. Those who want a change may even have begun to build their skills and start planning for their future.  When a talented employee says their heart isn’t in their current …

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Why Better Learning Journeys Should Be Your Company’s Top Focus

It’s every company’s desire to achieve better business results. To get there, they realize they need at least two things: a great product and happy customers. And of course, neither of those can be successful without a skilled workforce.  But company leaders also realize that it doesn’t stop there. Organizations aren’t a “set it and …

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Four Benefits of Employee-Curated Learning Content

How does your workplace approach content curation or creation? For companies dedicated to learning and development, content curation is a great way to add value to their employees. In the context of learning and development, content curation is the process of gathering, sourcing, and organizing information that’s helpful for a team. In many workplaces, the …

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