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The Biggest Benefits Of Focusing On Employee Development

Companies of all sizes can benefit from placing a greater emphasis on employee development. Whether you work in a small, 10-person firm, or you’re the HR director for a multinational company, using eLearnings and development courses to invest in your employees is a great idea.   Why should you take the time to invest in …

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4 Simple Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is often a bit of a “white whale” for managers. Every manager wants their workers to be engaged, happy, and satisfied – but it’s often incredibly difficult to get employees to engage properly with your company. According to Gallup, around 51% of the American workforce is disengaged – which leads to dissatisfaction, higher …

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Why eLearning Works: 3 Stunning Statistics For 2017

eLearning is one of the single most powerful methods of instruction. Whether you’re educating new employees about company policies, training them on new machines or equipment, or even instructing students, eLearning  is extremely valuable for the development of employee skills, and can help further employee engagement.   Don’t want to take our word for it? …

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Understanding The Power Of Interactivity For Learning And Professional Development

For years, educators have understood the power of interactivity when it comes to learning – whether in a classroom, or an online interactive eLearning program. Interactivity both online and in classrooms has been shown to triple learning retention rates, engage students more effectively, and provide an overall more positive experience.   So whether you’re working …

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Product Release – May 2017

In Schoox, we’re always excited to announce new product features! Today, we have put out our Product Release for May 2017 which introduces amazing additions and product updates. This month’s product additions will enable you to sync your Schoox calendar with your external calendar, create a registration page for your Academy, edit an exam’s score and edit a …

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