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Perfection: How L&D Pros Can Let Go of It and Simply Be Themselves

Learning and development professionals could all use a little reminder that perfection is unrealistic and that they can feel comfortable exposing their human side at work. When employees look at learning and development professionals, they may think of us as superhuman in a way. Perhaps not on the level of Superman, but they may assume …

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How to Shift Employees’ Learning Mindset from “Must do” to “Want to”

When was the last time you went to a workplace training session full of employees whose learning mindset was to be excited to learn? Even those who love learning can sometimes struggle to motivate themselves to learn. It’s a common problem across all industries, and one reason is because training is usually a must-do, not …

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Modality Matters: Why Learners Need More Than an Off-the-Shelf Solution

It’s a learning and development professional’s job to not just deliver training content but also to consider the modality and ensure the knowledge sinks into the minds of your learners. This is much easier said than done. So, how do you create learning content that resonates, sinks in, and is retained after a training session? …

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Schoox Receives Strategic Growth Investment from Vista Equity Partners’ Endeavor Fund

AUSTIN, Texas, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Schoox (the “Company”), the differentiated, highly agile learning and talent development platform, announced today it has received a strategic growth investment from Vista Equity Partners (“Vista”), a leading global investment firm focused on market-leading enterprise software, data and technology-enabled businesses.

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Global Businesses: 4 Learning Solution Must-Haves

If you were one of many global businesses responsible for rolling out a learning solution to anywhere from 50 to 5,000 locations or more, where would you begin?  What kind of system would you need to develop each frontline employee according to their individual skills, knowledge, and experience to help them continuously grow? How would …

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Ideal Time Is Now for Hotel Staff

With more people receiving COVID vaccinations, business event planning and optimism about the return of business travel has reached its highest point since the pandemic began. Therefore, now is the perfect time for hotel staff members to participate in sexual harassment prevention training. Training can go a long way to ensure guests and employees have …

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7 Steps to Maintaining the Effectiveness of Your Learning System

When was the last time you gave your learning system a spring cleaning? If you’re not regularly maintaining and revisiting your learning system, you could be missing out on opportunities to improve them. Sometimes the systems we build and the content we rely on for workplace training becomes out of date. Your learning system won’t …

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Restaurant Playbooks Announces Partnership with Schoox to Offer Best-in-Class, Engaging, and Effective E-Learning for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry

Denver, CO – June 7, 2021. Restaurant Playbooks, a restaurant industry e-learning provider, announces its partnership with Schoox, a uniquely agile learning and talent development platform, to strengthen Schoox Course Marketplace offerings for the restaurant and hospitality industry and address the need for engaging and effective e-learning. These offerings include easy to implement playbooks for …

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