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Management and Leadership Development

All leaders are great managers but not every manager is a good leader. Managers and leaders are often referred to interchangeably. But in reality, managers control and direct people according to the values that have been established. However, leaders set new direction or vision for their group. They also act as the spearhead for that new direction.


Management without Leadership

Managers without leadership characteristics serve to control resources to maintain a status quo. They work to ensure that all things are happening according to the already established plans. A good example of a manager would be a match referee. The referee exists to make sure that all players abide by the rules set for a certain sport. However, a referee would not provide any leadership because there is no change or new direction required.

Mangers that lack effective leadership traits can actually cause losses to the business by de-motivating their subordinates and also restricting them from fully utilizing their capabilities. Some managers refrain from trusting their employees and handle the key tasks themselves instead of delegating. This again, causes employees to lose confidence.


What makes a Good Leader

It is well known that good leadership is crucial to the success of any business. But, to become a leader is not a task that can be accomplished overnight. There are many factors that contribute to good leadership. Overtime, anyone can become a good leader irrespective of the fact that the person possesses natural leadership traits or not.


Let’s get talking

Communication is the most important element of leadership. Effective communication skills must be learnt in order to become a good leader. When you are open to communication, you are able to convey your ideas and thoughts to those that work for you. Simultaneously, you will also receive their feedback and understand the problems that they are facing.

If, on the other hand, you close the doors to communication, the employees will not know what is on your mind and you will not be able to learn about their problems. This will cause a problem as there will be no particular direction set and will arise conflicts.


Let’s put heads together

Teamwork is always something to consider when you are determined to become a good leader. This means not only putting your employees together but also becoming part of the team yourself. It goes without saying that two heads are better than one. When people are grouped together in teams, the productivity tends to increase.


Let’s get moving

Motivation is another trait that is vital for good leadership. Employees tend to stagnate when their motivation goes down. The reason for the declining motivation is lack of motivation from the leaders. Managers tend to motivate the employees with negative motivation, i.e. do what I say or something bad will happen. This does get results, but for a short period. Leaders, on the other hand, get results from positive motivation such as adding challenges. This proves to be more effective over the long term.



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