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Keeping it Cozy: Why Businesses Should Provide Comfortable Digital Spaces for Learning

School is back in session! All around the world, students are flocking to the library to catch some quality study time. And why are they so drawn to the library? — because it’s a comfortable environment that stimulates curiosity, making it easy to focus and learn. 

Once out in the “real world”, many people lose that spirit of curiosity in their careers. This is bad for business, too—research from Gallup states actively disengaged employees report miserable work experiences and are generally poorly managed. Unhappy employees can negatively impact everything from customer service and guest reviews to your bottom line. 

On the other hand, LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report revealed 94% of employees would remain at a company longer if offered opportunities for professional development. And according to an extensive study by Gallup across over 49,000 business units, 1.2 million employees, and 22 organizations globally, employee development results in: 

  • 10% to 19% increased sales 
  • 14% to 29% increased profits
  • 6% to 16% lower turnover at low-turnover organizations
  • 26% to 72% lower turnover at high-turnover organizations

Creating Safe and Engaging Digital Spaces to Learn 

The good news is that learning doesn’t have to stop after we graduate—but it’s really up to businesses to foster a sense of curiosity among their employees and provide the necessary tools to help them enhance their skills and knowledge. While this isn’t an easy task in times of intense employee dissatisfaction, lower profit margins, and so much uncertainty, a strong learning program can address and even resolve many of these common business challenges. 

The first step toward building an effective learning program is to create a secure digital environment where knowledge bases can be easily accessed and shared by all—your company’s very own community library, so to speak. There’s much more to a library than the books inside—it’s also about the lighting, ambiance, cozy furniture, and even the security. 

The Schoox Difference 

First impressions count! To convince employees to want to learn, you’ll have to provide a comfortable and safe space—even online. 

With the rise of remote and distributed workforces, it’s more important than ever for businesses to foster a sense of community among their employees despite any physical distances. The same is true for more traditional businesses with employees in highly specialized roles that tend to be siloed from one another, like manufacturing plants or distribution centers. 

Schoox is a highly flexible learning management system (LMS) that can be customized to reflect the unique brand and culture of any business. Creating a fun name for your “academy”, applying brand colors and logos, and customizing the names of user roles and labels within the system so they’re familiar to the lingo your employees already use are just a few ways to make Schoox a user-friendly home base for all things learning and development. 

What’s New: Configurable Homepages 

Now businesses can further personalize the learning experience by creating up to 50 unique instances of the academy homepage. Each homepage can be customized to include various gadgets, dashboards, data visualizations, content suggestions, and more—displaying whatever is most important to individual users. A training manager’s homepage can be customized to include reporting dashboards and information on training completion rates, for example, while an employee’s homepage might include widgets that show their current skill levels, content suggestions, and progress through a particular course. 

Creating custom homepages optimizes the user experience and encourages each individual to engage with the learning features and content most relevant to them. Making the overall experience more rewarding, relevant, and fun inspires employees to constantly level-up their own skills and ultimately drive your business forward. 

Learn more about all the recent updates in Schoox in our Quarterly Product Roundup, and stay tuned for more as we share plans for more enhancements in 2023. 

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