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Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Vocational Education

Thousands of students graduate every year but do they get their relevant field jobs? Unfortunately not! Wondering why? It’s simple; they lack the relevant skills and experience that employers demand today. That’s where vocational education and training comes in!

What is Vocational Education?

The purpose of vocational training and education is to make you ‘work ready’. It is designed to prepare individuals for specialized occupations. It trains you for a career in the technical field and helps develop and impart industry specific skills you need to excel professionally. Therefore the relevance of vocational education and training cannot be over emphasized.

Why to Invest in Vocational Education

1.     Hands on Skills

VE courses focus on technical skill development. It provides valuable knowledge, education and industry specific skills helping you get the desired field job without any difficulty. Empowered with relevant core skills, employers will readily hire you.

Skill development is crucial to career success typically become the job market today is overly competitive. There are hundreds of candidates vying for the same job. Candidates with core skills and proper practical exposure have more chances of getting hired as compared to those who lack experience and skills.

2.     Prevent Shortage of Qualified Staff

Employees are your assets. If you are operating in an industry that has an acute shortage of qualified and trained resources then investing in vocational training can truly help your business. In-company vocational training is the best way to prevent shortage of qualified staff in the future. Vocational training and education provides employees relevant industry knowledge and technical expertise. By developing your staff’s technical skills, you don’t have to worry about finding well-trained and qualified people. You can compete successfully with other industry players and even gain an edge over competition.

3.     Boost Organizational Productivity and Profitability

Organizations that have a high enterprise dynamic, such as a high level of skilled employees and individuals who exercise responsibility and judgment, tend to have high levels of productivity. Vocational training can benefit the organization on so many levels- improve productivity and customer service, increase staff retention, reduce cost, and lower customer complaints thereby increasing business profitability and customer base, to name a few.

4.     Contribute to the Country’s Economic Growth

Vocational training has a positive effect on economic growth. It helps reduce poverty, crime rate, and unemployment rate. The demand for skilled individuals is growing rapidly. With more individuals acquiring vocational education and training and entering the market with proper industry relevant skills, it is much easier for them to acquire jobs and get employed, thereby increasing the country’s employment and promoting economic growth.

Furthermore, as companies themselves invest in vocational training to train their existing staff, it gives employees the motivation to work harder and helps them stay abreast of the changes within the industry. This not only helps the company improve its profitability but also contribute to the society and the country’s economic growth.

To learn more about vocational education and tools you need to facilitate in-company vocation training, contact Schoox today! 

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