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How to Write a Mind-Absorbing Proposal for a Masters Dissertation

When you write a proposal for your master’s dissertation, you try to outline your plan for the approach that you will be taking on forward in order to create a unique masterpiece. A well written proposal would address the problems, find an appropriate solution and become a base for further advanced analysis. When you are given the responsibility of such an important task, it is only right that you give it your best.

Here are a few tips that will help you write a mind-absorbing proposal for your Master’s dissertation:

A Picture Can Speak A Thousand Words

If you use different pictures to strengthen your data analysis, qualitative techniques and background theories, you make a strong impression on your readers. Colorful and interesting pictures catch the attention of the reader in no time. Our human mind responds quite better when it comes to pictorials and images, so make use of pictures or graphs within your dissertation proposal writing for maximum impact.

Make Sure Your Proposal is Free of Grammatical Errors

Nothing ruins the flow of a dissertation proposal more than the grammatical errors presented in the context. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and wrong paraphrasing can instantly draw a reader away from the paper, and he might consider you unprofessional. Grammatical errors also disturb the flows of the sentences, and you surely do not want that to happen in your Master’s dissertation. A proposal is a preliminary step to your dissertation and an error in a preliminary step automatically indicates a possibility for future errors as well.

Use Simple Words

There is a possibility that you might end up using additionally complex words in your proposal in efforts of trying to sound as much professional as possible. If your supervisors or readers are commenting on something irrelevant or facts that are out of your comprehension, then you are definitely using words that you are not supposed to. Keep your dissertation as simple as possible.

Organize Your Proposal Around A “What, Why and How” Approach

Your dissertation proposal should be built around a “What, Why and How” approach. You need to inform your readers what the problem is that you have decided to pursue as your dissertation topic. You then have to state why you chose that specific problem and why did you consider it important enough to be addressed as your dissertation. Then you need to inform your readers what approach you will be taking for your paper, where you will be looking for answers and why you would be doing so specifically.

Include a Glossary Index Within Your Proposal

A great idea to make sure the reader connects with your proposal at a technical level is by including a list of terms that you will use throughout your paper. Help your reader understand your methodology by defining the terms that you believe might be hard for your user to understand.

Identify the Weak and Strong Parts of Your Research

Nobody expects you to be as talented as Einstein, and everyone understands that there will be strong as well as weak parts within the methodology that you have chosen for your research. For this reason, it is best if you define the strong as well as weak points of your research methodology and how you will be using them to your advantage.

For additional tips, you can have your classmates or friends read your proposal so that they could identify different mistakes or errors you might have made in the paper.

With the help of these tips you will be able to write a mind-blowing research proposal that will inspire them all.


Sharen Stuart is an Academic writer, who offers expert writing guidance to students. She provides back to back assistance to both university and college students with their education and career guidance.

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