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How E-learning can Help You Save Big?

Where e-learning platform offers learning flexibility, it also helps lower training cost, that too significantly. Simply put, you can save big when you switch to LMS for training your employees. In fact, studies show that moving to a digital platform for training employees can translate into cost savings of more than 50 percent.

Let’s take a look at how e-learning platforms can help you save big:

  1. Lower Travel Cost
    If you are a global company with operation and franchise units scattered worldwide, you can significantly lower your travel expense if you send trainers to different part of the world to train your employees. Eliminating travel expense can have a huge impact on your training budget. Through an e-learning platform, your employees can access courses from anywhere with ease.

  2. Venue and Arrangement Cost
    Small companies with limited office space, often book venues to organize workshops and training sessions. This can be costly especially if you tend to organize workshops often or on a monthly basis. By adopting e-learning methods to train your employees, you can easily cut down on expenses associated with event management and arrangements. You will not have to book a venue or spend money on arrangements like audio visual arrangements, refreshments and lunch.

  3. Material Cost
    When you move to a virtual learning platform, you will no longer need to invest in materials like stationary and print outs which you will normally require when holding a physical training session. This helps you cut down the cost associated with materials reducing your training expense greatly.

  4. Trainer Cost
    Once you switch to e-learning system you don’t have to pay extra bucks to hire trainers and pay them on hourly basis to train your employees. You can get courses devised from them and upload them on the e-learning platform.

Studies also show that online training leads to high retention rate as compared to instructor led training sessions.

Besides monetary savings, e-learning also help saves time of the trainer and employees. It reduces time spent off the job. Employees don’t have to spend their full day at the training venue. They can easily access training session material anytime they want from their workstation or mobile phones, whichever is convenient. Besides, it also gives them easy access to refer back to important training material they may need while they are on the job. Online training systems also help keep track and monitor employee progress. It also helps trainers to identify employees who may need some extra help or you are doing exceptionally well.

For more information or to switch to e-learning platform get in touch with us today. Our Schoox online training system is easy to set up and loaded with innovative features. It can help you overcome all your training challenges, increase employee engagement and help them move up the learning curve. It allows you to create courses, gives you the flexibility to upload all formats of files, assess employees, assign training courses to employees at different designations and much more.

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