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6 Totally Awesome Tips To Make Your Corporate Training A Smash Hit!

Many employees dread corporate training. Whether it’s a day-long breakout session, or training/eLearnings that they must complete on their own time, poor quality corporate training can be time-consuming, boring, and valueless.


Great corporate training is not a task to dread – it’s exciting, boosts employee engagement, and seriously helps with the development of employee skills.


The key to great results is interactive training. You need employees at your business to feel like they’re in control of their own training, and that the tasks they’re performing will have a positive impact on their career, and their future.


In the spirit of this, here are 6 totally useful tips that will ensure your corporate training adheres to employee expectations for the future of education!


  1. Let Your Employees Take Plenty Of Breaks


An engaging, complex eLearning or corporate training course requires a lot of employee brainpower. You don’t want your employees to become bored or distracted during your corporate training.




Because of this, you should allow your employees to take plenty of breaks while they’re undergoing corporate training. Give them 10 minutes after they finish each course to decompress and think about what they’ve learned. This helps them avoid common distractions, such as using social media at work, and stay focused and engaged on the task at hand.


  1. Utilize Modern, Interactive eLearning Platforms


Reading a paper-based course or an employee handbook is not exactly thrilling. You should try to utilize eLearnings and other digital, interactive training platforms in your corporate training.


Interactivity has been proven to boost engagement of employees, and even increase knowledge retention. You should try to make use of digital learning platforms whenever possible.


  1. Be Flexible And Let Employees Complete Training On Their Own Time


This is another one of the benefits of online eLearning platforms. You can allow your employees to continue their education and corporate training on their schedule. They can login either at work or at home, and pick up their courses right where they left off.


When employees have to undergo an inflexible training program, they may feel as if they are being forced to ignore their more pressing work. But by allowing your employees to complete training when they’re not busy, you can let them concentrate both on their work, and the development of employee skills.


  1. Utilize A Continuous Training Program


Ideally, your employees will always be undergoing some form of corporate training. There is always something new to learn – whether you’re training an employee in human resources management, or any other field.


Continuous training provides you with a variety of benefits. By making constant education standard at your company, employees will get used to the idea of learning while on the job. In addition, they’re more likely to stay engaged with your corporate culture. And because you’re constantly furthering the skills and knowledge of your employees, they will perform more effectively in their roles!




Just be sure that you choose a flexible and powerful learning platform. And don’t overburden your employees with extra work. Make a reasonable training schedule that fits into their busy lifestyle, so that they don’t feel stressed.


  1. Be Brief, And Get To The Point


The most effective corporate training and eLearning courses do not beat around the bush. They have something to teach to your employees, and they do so as briefly and quickly as possible.


Your employees never appreciate feeling like their time is being wasted, and if you’re obtuse or unclear about what you’re trying to accomplish in a given corporate training course, they’re less likely to be engaged or pay attention.


Brevity is the soul of wit, as Shakespeare said. Craft your corporate training courses to be brief, impactful, and interactive – and you’re sure to see employee engagement skyrocket!


  1. Be Clear With Your Training Goals And Expectations


Another thing that’s important for your employees is to have a clear idea of your expectations for each given corporate training course. You should clearly lay out what you expect each employee to accomplish within a given training course – and how their progress will be measured and assessed.


This helps employees concentrate and focus, and gives them a goal to work towards. Together, these factors lead to a much better learning experience.


Follow These Tips To Develop Better Corporate Training Courses!


It may seem that developing a great corporate training course is quite difficult – and yes, it’s no walk in the park. But with the proper techniques and eLearning platforms, creating an engaging corporate training course is within reach!


For more about eLearnings and corporate training, take a look at the Schoox blog now! We specialize in eLearning platforms, and regularly publish articles that help HR professionals and other corporate workers develop more comprehensive, effective corporate training courses.

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