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6 Steps for Course Creation

If you would like to make a movie for your  on-line courses, your website, or maybe to create a dvd, there are several crucial elements to get right. It looks simple when you watch a short movie on somebody’s blog, but there is a lot of work behind creating a good recording. People who look really spontaneous and in the same time professional on the recording probably practice many hours before mastering the skills. Therefore it will be usefull to learn more about the preparation.

Watch this short video with useful tips:

Short and Clear Introduction

The first important step to create a good on-line course is to master a short and clear introduction. Good if there is also short presentation with the keywords you will be using during the on-line course. The introduction should reveal the most important elements of the training but without giving the solutions. So the purpose here is to make people more curious to learn more.


Second step is about the  equipment needed. The quality of the recording is necessary to get the message across with the right sound, video editing program and subtitles or visual elements. Most digital SLR camera’s can do a really good job, but you need to take care of a proper light setup and neutral background.
Interview Setup

Third step is to make sure that your body language matches what you would like to share with people. Good if you record an interview with yourself that sometimes is more spontaneous than just looking to the camera.
The right setting

Fourth step is to prepare the right setting. The face should be without any shadows and the background not disturbing. People should be able to concentrate on the words and your face, not at the exotic plant you have next to you, nor on your colorful sweter.



Fifth step is about the slides. Exercise well and prepare your slides before your recording. You can do a presentation with slides in front of the camera and then use the slides in between the video shots.
Speak to your Audience

Sixth step is how to choose the content. The best would be to try to wear the shoes of your listeners and think what they would like to get out of this course instead of  sharing with them what interests you and might be not so interesting for them.


For more tips, you will find more resources here:

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