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10 Essential Social Media Sites for College Students


Social Networking Sites for College Students

With the growing importance of Social Media networking, now many colleges are thinking to start social networking sites to connect, engage and share information, ideas among students and professors.  As college social networking has become more competitive business as many startups compete to offer services to help college students and recent graduates find jobs and future employment success. Now a day, many employers have started scanning social media account of candidate before final selection, especially for a digital marketing job.  As a student you should think these changes like – branding or making yourself stand out with networking, efficiency and leadership.

There are a numerous tools available in the market that caters specifically to students and new ones are constantly being developed. The social networks for college students listed below that will help you share, network, collaborate, store, communicate, and make your daily college tasks a bit easier.


Evernote is the best tool that allows student to snap a photo of a webpage, a picture, quotes from a book, a business card, class notes, a voice recording or whatever else you want with your phone and have an easy way to store and plan trips, access contacts, clip pages and search website directly from your computer browser and more.

The most interesting tool in Evernote is its ability to recognize words in pictures, even it has written by your hand. You can easily search these words and find the pictures that have in word format. This feature is especially helpful to keep records of find specific pages in your class notes.



With LinkedIn, you can do a lot? Right.  It’s a great way to begin networking with classmate, employer, employee, and peers for your career even while you attend college classes. Sign up for free and begin to browse through contacts. Get introduced, but only after you fill out your profile page completely with a resume, references and more. You can even join several quality groups, such as groups specifically for eMarketing association students to connect. Use widgets to tie your social life into your professional life, but make this connection only if you want professionals to know about your social life.



Facebook is the leading social networking site in the world and it contributing almost 65% of total social media sites. It is useful for all range of age start from younger (school student), adult (college, graduation etc). It has plenty of features which are helpful for various businesses but here I will explain features related to college or student only so that student can get benefited from it.

Through this you browse and join networks, group, pages or individual account. Many Universities has started creating official group on Facebook wherein student can register by using their university ID. And they can interact, communicate, share, ideas and information within group and professor.

Stunited is one of the world’s most comprehensive networking platforms for the students, educational organizations, professionals and related businesses. Get Connected, Explore millions of informational resources, Share it and Chat within your global educational networks.



Thinking about applying for an internship? Wondering what kind of experience you’re going to get out of that internship? Internships are one of; if not the most important thing students can do to prepare for their career… if you choose the right ones. InternshipRatings offers you reviews from students that have already been through internships and know how valuable they are.

Users can fill out a quick and easy survey to rate different aspects of their internship, including the level of “real life” experience, compensation, networking opportunities and more. They can also add a comment to describe their experience in more detail. This site is a great way to weed out the internships that will be a waste of your time, and to find the ones that will actually benefit you.



Graduway is another college social networking service designed with aim to enhance alumni relations. Its tag line – “empowers your alumni network” – makes clear that it’s focused more on helping colleges connect with their alumni than helping college students land jobs, but the two areas obviously overlap, so Graduway may be worth checking out for college students who are job hunting.



Blend bridges the gap between the brands and students creating an innovative channel that offers a curated collection of the hottest brands and the finest products specifically for the college audience. On Blend, brands receive promotional consideration to the most sought-after demographic – the millennial student. This exclusive college-only app offers a new engaging way for students to share their unique experiences. Students share photos relating to the theme of the day, earn Snaps (likes) from peers nationwide, and use their Snaps to redeem free gifts.  Blend integrates free products and gift cards directly into students’ photo feeds, putting brands front and center.  Blend only partners with brands that we know appeal to the college audience.



Equals6 is the online community where students compete for exclusive scholarships, make valuable connections and discover exciting career possibilities.Equals6 also serves as a social meeting place where students form groups, share ideas and hold lively discussions.

As a social recruiting platform for student talent, Equals6 partners with select employers to provide its student members with career opportunities. Employers are able to connect with student members through advanced recruiting tools and live online recruiting events. If you are an employer looking to hire top students, contact Equals6 today.



UniversityParent empowers college parents with the information they need to maintain healthy relationships with their student and provide support throughout their student’s college experience. Through print and online guides as well as E-newsletters, UniversityParent connects parents to information about their student’s university, directs them to available university resources, and answers many of their college-related questions. Along with forging connections between parents and universities, UniversityParent provides a way for businesses, both local and national, to connect with parents at universities across the U.S., ensuring that parents are able to find the products and services their family needs near their student’s university.



Hallspot helps students save money at their favorite campus bars and restaurants. Hallspot is the student’s best friend- an app and webapp that lets students explore, share, save, and discover their college towns like never before.

Save money at your favorite campus bars and restaurants, connect with friends and classmates, and explore your campus on our real-time happening now map.


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