Unexpected, Rewarding Careers You Can Get Into With an Online Degree

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24 Dec 2012

Are you thinking about a new career? Will you need to go back to school? Maybe an online degree program is for you. There are more online degree programs available now than every before, perhaps in career fields that you’ve never even thought about. Let’s take a look at some rewarding, good paying jobs and the online degrees that qualify you for these career fields.

Computer Forensic Investigator

private eye computer 300x228 Unexpected, Rewarding Careers You Can Get Into With an Online DegreeComputer forensic investigators find, identify, and analyze information from computer systems to help win court cases. They’re involved in forensic evaluations that vary from simple information retrieval to reconstructing a series of events.

They investigate a wide variety of computer crimes.

Computer forensic investigators look for evidence in computer hard drives and storage devices including cell phones, flash drives, tablets, video game consoles, smart phones, PDAs, MP3 players, electronic notebooks, and other electronic devices.

You can enter this field with an online degree in computer forensics, cyber security, or information security. At some schools you can enroll in an information technology program and take a concentration or extra coursework in digital forensics.

Cloud Architect

120320 000018876064 300x237 Unexpected, Rewarding Careers You Can Get Into With an Online DegreeCloud architects, as you may expect, manage a cloud infrastructure. They also create solutions for companies seeking to relocate their IT services and infrastructure from on-premise servers to a cloud solution. They’re often responsible for ensuring private and public clouds properly interface. Cloud architects determine the cloud structure for a company.

They also collaborate with business analysts to ensure that the architecture adheres to business requirements.

Cloud architects need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or a related technical field.

Applications Architect

Applications architects guide projects from beginning to end and make sure software projects fit a company’s business strategy and technology infrastructure. They usually work for large companies with a diverse set of applications that need to be incorporated with many new application development projects.

An online bachelor’s degree in computer science or in information systems qualifies you for a rewarding applications architect job. Some applications architects jobs require a master’s degree.


vn9jna1BdgrzDCYNBJHi09q09q 300x300 Unexpected, Rewarding Careers You Can Get Into With an Online DegreeCryptographers specialize in cyber security. They look for software vulnerabilities that hackers can take advantage of. They also help create solutions, including inscription to prevent hacking.

Usually crypto analysts participate in research and they also develop new mathematical concepts and methodologies. Crypto professionals also work in the digital forensics field. There’s a demand for cryptographers in the growing data encryption and security field.

A lot of cryptographers have degrees in mathematics or applied mathematics.


Biostatisticians design studies and analyze data related to health concerns. They use statistical theory and mathematical principles. Biostatisticians working in the pharmaceutical industry help develop new medical technologies and new treatments through research and clinical trials.

Many biostatisticians have online bachelor’s degrees in statistics or math. Master’s degrees are common in the occupation, but they are not required.

These folks work in an array of human health and environmental fields. Many biostatisticians with advanced degrees work in government agencies, industry, and academia. Biostatisticians are in demand due to the booming pharmaceutical industry and the increasing awareness of environmental and human health issues.


Biomathematicians often use their mathematics skills to create biological system models to solve biology problems. Their results are applied to areas such as cellular neurobiology, epidemic modeling, and population genetics. Biomathematics also includes bioinformatics.

The federal government is the largest employer of biomathematicians. There are also jobs at universities, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, biomathematical research groups, public health organizations, hospitals/medical centers, and at scientific and technical consulting companies. According to Rutgers University, the booming field of theoretical/mathematical biology provides promising possibilities for mathematicians.

You can get into any one of these rewarding, exciting, and high-paying jobs with an online college degree. So start researching degree programs and choose one that is right for you!

Brian Jenkins writes about a variety of topics related to job hunting for The Riley Guide.

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