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The Top 4 Signs Your Employee Training Program Is Outdated

Company training programs are perhaps the best way to get your staff on the same page regarding policies, the particularities of their jobs, and even the way employees interact with each other. However, employees’ needs and expectations have evolved and so should your training programs if you want them to be effective and make a real impact on their behavior and attitude. Otherwise, you are just wasting money.


Take this training video from Blockbuster as an example. The idea behind is great, as it shows various employee-customers dynamics and how to navigate through it, but that’s pretty much it. Maybe it was effective in the 90s, but if you would show a video like this to your employees today, all you’ll get are a bunch of “church giggles” and uncomfortable looks.


Here are the signs to look for and tell if your training program is outdated:


You’re Not Using New Media and Technology


Companies have no problem developing apps that make office life easier and more efficient, but they rarely think to apply the same thought process for their training programs.


Even if your company has a well-defined tradition that spans over decades, don’t be afraid to bring the employee training into the 21st century. The dawn of PowerPoint presentations and questionnaires is long gone, at least in their classic forms. You must provide your staff with training programs that don’t address only your needs but motivate and engage them as well.


And new media and technologies are the keys to doing that. They give way to a learning process that’s engaging, easy to follow, and that can be done from anywhere. For instance, instead of dragging the whole team for a seminar, you can use an app.




Think about it: if you opt for a seminar, you need to handle the logistics first, get the entire team to fit in into their schedule and miss a good part of their workday. And that’s just for a short seminar. Apps, on the other hand, make it a lot more comfortable for people to learn. Some of them have interactive features that make learning fun, and people can easily do it for a couple of minutes a day during a break.


You’re Consuming Too Many Resources


An outdated training program costs more, and we’re not talking about money alone, but time as well. With more modern approaches to training programs like the one offered by Schoox, you and your company can save a lot of resources because:


  • You don’t need to hire an instructor;
  • You don’t need an off-site location;
  • You don’t need other materials;
  • You don’t lose valuable work hours.


Your Program Is Not Teaching Them Anything


One of the things that employees dread is being dragged to a seminar where they get nothing valuable in return. And we’re not talking here just about the way the training session is organized, but the very content of the training too.


Yes, sometimes nothing interesting is said in these sessions. A training about company policy is only mildly informative, but if you don’t give people something to do or think about, you’ll end up with a room filled with people scrolling on their phones.




It may be challenging to integrate activities into the training session, but you could at least add some tools that encourage people to think critically and resolve some issues. It’s an excellent way for them to apply what they’ve learned in a real situation and try to find appropriate solutions.


You Don’t Look at the Results


If after training you pat yourself on the back happy that you’ve crossed another task from your to-do list, then you’re doing it wrong. Proper training must have clear objectives that you track to assess its effectiveness. Otherwise, it’s no point in doing them at all.


Again, it is a lot easier to do if you have a program designed for today’s digital world. Applications can offer detailed reports on the effectiveness of the program, so you can see what worked, what didn’t, and what you need to do in the future. This data helps you, and it helps your team as well, so don’t skip collecting it.


Back to You


Take a minute to think about the type of training program you’d like to attend. Do they involve a PowerPoint? Probably not.


Your employees deserve to have a comprehensive learning process within the company, and the reality is that’s not possible with a presentation and a training video anymore. It’s time to make some changes to the company’s training programs.


You want your team to be effective, but you’ll have to give them something back to have it. So give them a more efficient training program.




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