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Team Building – The Secret to Higher Employee Satisfaction Rates?

Don’t be so quick to scold your employees if they’re not giving their all at the office. Their performance can be heavily affected by moral.


A happy employee means a happy company, and it’s up to you to make sure your employees aren’t blue. So, what can you do?


After all, you give them an hour for lunch, you’ve created a nice office space where they can feel comfortable, and you have pretty good communication with your team members. So, why aren’t they happy?


Well, when’s the last time you’ve taken them on a team building? These events (yes, events, because one exercise made during a break doesn’t count) are a great way to improve employee satisfaction. They’re a powerful tool for both big companies and small businesses, so here are five arguments for why you need to plan a team building right away.


Getting to Know the Team


Even if they work in the same office, it’s possible that your employees don’t really know each other, especially if they work in different departments or on separate projects.


Team building is a great way to change that, form new friendships and improve the employee dynamics in the office. That, in the end, can lead to increased productivity and fulfillment. If they know each other and have something to talk about, their office life can significantly improve, and they can work better.


Better Teamwork


If you’re organizing a team building event for one department, it can improve their performance dramatically. Especially if there’s a new player on the team, these activities can help them work out some kinks in the relationship, as they’ll understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests.


As a result, they’ll be able to work with each other and bring better results for the company.


The Fun Factor


Even if your company’s interests for organizing team building programs are pragmatic, don’t miss out on one key element here: they also need to be fun for the participants.




You don’t take your employees out of the office only to make them feel like they have to work in a different place. Team building is also a chance to unwind and relax, not just to work on some skills. If you make it enjoyable and fun, then that will significantly improve their happiness. Plus, you can then use it as a motivator or a form of reward.


A Chance to Get Creative


Brainstorming creative ideas always works best when you’re doing it around people you know and trust. Especially if you’re in a competitive and creative industry (like design, marketing, or entertainment), your team could use a break to recharge their batteries and deliver the best results.


With a team building event, you radically disrupt their routine and give them the opportunity to unwind. It may sound too easy, but a change of scenery can do wonders for the mind, and your employees can come back to work with fresh ideas ready to be implemented.


Make Them Feel Valued


Office life can get quite boring. It’s a fact of life, and a few bean bags and darts boards can’t fix that problem, though they can certainly help in their way.





But a team building event says something about a company. Your employees will recognize that you’ve spent time, effort, and money for something to benefit them, and that can make them feel valued. When you’re not just another name in the HR department’s files, you feel better about yourself and the company you work for, and eager to give your best


Key Points for Great Team Building Events


If you’ve decided to organize a team building event for your employees, here are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of this experience:


  • It’s for them, so all the activities should be fun and entertaining to all members; if someone is not too comfortable with a lot of physical activity, try to avoid it;
  • Use digital tools like the Schoox app during the sessions to make it fun;
  • Don’t be too strict with the agenda; even if you have activities planned, if the teams want to do something else, don’t shoot them down immediately.




So, is team building the secret to higher employee satisfaction rates? It certainly does the trick, but if you’re looking for magical solutions, sorry, there aren’t any solutions.


Employee satisfaction is a complicated thing, and you won’t be able to improve people’s happiness with a few outings, but it’s the right place to start.


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