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A Resumé Entry After exploring some of the personal benefits one accumulates while living and teaching abroad, we’ll now turn our attention to the benefits that such an experience can lend to your future vocational endeavors. Your time as an EFL teacher at XYZ English Academy in the country in which you’ve chosen to teach […]

Online education offers students a flexible way to enhance their academic learning outside of the regular classroom. While the popularity of online classes initially began in the college setting, more public and private school systems are beginning to utilize online education in their programs from kindergarten through high school as research has begun to show […]

There’s no question that technology is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday routine. What is often debated, however, is whether or not our schools should follow the same growing trend. To many students, the issue isn’t to what extent should we use technology in the classroom, but how come my school hasn’t made […]

As much as many like to claim that seeking a degree through an online school is almost the same as attending a traditional, brick-and-mortar institution, the only difference being that one is conducted online and the other isn’t, there are still some aspects of the “in-person” experience that cannot be replicated on a web platform. […]

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