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Product release – November 2015

Four new features are released to help you schedule your reports, create your custom certificates, improve the way you upload your files and customize your Academy’s settings. Here is the list of our great new Academy’s capabilities: Schedule reports tool Create your own Custom Certificate Updated “Upload Files” widget Customize the Academy’s Member Settings Schedule reports You, as an academy administrator …

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Three Reasons to Tap into Employees’ Strengths with Schoox Skill Management Module

Chances are that your employees have skills you are not aware of — skills that might be ideal for filling new job openings in your company. If you identified these skills and supported their development, you could promote from within your company with greater confidence. What’s more, identifying your employees’ skills and supporting their development …

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3 Important Ways Schoox is Launching Companies into the Future of Online Employee Training

Today there are a growing number of Learning Management Systems from which to choose. They all provide companies with an online learning infrastructure. But that’s where the similarities end. The online corporate training sector is a moving target — and some eLearning companies are staying ahead of this fast-moving industry. And some are not. Ahead …

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Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Vocational Education

Thousands of students graduate every year but do they get their relevant field jobs? Unfortunately not! Wondering why? It’s simple; they lack the relevant skills and experience that employers demand today. That’s where vocational education and training comes in! What is Vocational Education? The purpose of vocational training and education is to make you ‘work …

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ITC Partners Fund invests in Schoox and names Campbell B. Lanier III as Chairman of the Board

After researching almost every Learning Management System out there, ITC Partners Fund invested in Schoox due to the focus on mobile design in the entire architecture and user experience. With its continued focus on innovative technology, ITC Partners Fund invests in Schoox, an e-learning platform experiencing explosive growth as a modern day Learning Management System …

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How to Start an Online Corporate Training Program

Businesses across diverse industry verticals are in a continuous struggle to either gain or sustain a competitive edge over other players. To attain a winning edge over competition, some businesses are focused towards devising strategies to lower their operating costs, others are struggling for global expansion, while the remaining have their dibs on developing a …

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Learning Management System – The New Way for On-the-Job Training

On-the-job training (OJT) is a training approach where employees get a chance to see how their training lessons work in practice. Simply put, it is more like field testing of techniques and ideas. It not only leads to a better understanding but also a better grasp of the concepts and processes. Both small and large …

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