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What Will Employee Development Be Like In 100 Years?

One facet of resource management is effective resource scheduling, which can be a complicated task. Efficient resource scheduling means utilizing the best available resources by assigning the right work to the right person at the right time to make your workforce more powerful. It ensures efficient and effective utilization of human talent to achieve organizational …

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How Technology Is Changing How We Treat a Learning Management Software.

When choosing a learning management system, a simple-to utilize UI – ‘user interface’ is just the key to a sustainable online system. Why? With a simple, but robust UI, organizations do not have to rely on IT to design and deliver courses and training. One problem in application business is this: program developers are masters of …

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4 Expert Learning Insights to Improve Your Employee eTraining Outcomes

eTraining has been on a growth trajectory for the past few years. In fact, one-third of companies are increasing their budgets for learning and development. With nearly 50 percent of these businesses currently spending $100 per learner per year, companies will need to become more strategic about their online training programs to gain the best …

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Storytelling — the Best-Kept Secret in Online Employee Training — 3 Ways to Use its Power

Before you create your next online training course, take this test: Is our content learner-centric? Is our content meaningful and relevant? Is our content memorable? Is the way we present information easy to grasp? Is our course exciting and enjoyable? Are our courses inviting and visually interesting? So, how did you do? Do you have …

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SUBWAY® Sandwich Restaurants’ new training University launched globally to 540,000 users in 30 days

Schoox’s modern e-learning training technology enables record implementation speed A new, easier-to-use University of Subway has been successfully rolled out to 540,000 users in 110 countries at the brand’s 44,000+ locations in just 30 days. Schoox’s training platform enabled the record breaking global implementation of one of the world’s largest franchise companies, reaching peak daily …

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What Do Your Employees Really Think About Your Online Training Program

Experience in online employee training has given today’s companies insight into the many benefits — including how much employees like them. But what about research? Is there any scientific insight to help companies understand employees’ perspectives of online training programs? The answer is yes. In fact, three recent studies shed insight on this very issue. …

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