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Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are closely related concepts and it is difficult to differentiate between the two. We can think of efficiency to be related to quality while productivity links itself to quantity. It is essential that a business finds the right balance of efficiency and productivity to minimize losses.   Efficiency Efficiency is related to …

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Your Location is Not an Issue Anymore – Consider eLearning!

E-learning is gradually gaining a lot of popularity over campus-based learning for a number of individuals. This medium of learning is especially popular amongst professionals like executives and officers. Alongside managing their daily jobs and businesses, these individuals can opt for the best learning options for professional development through this platform. One of the biggest …

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Turn your company into a Learning Organization.

Corporate Training Reinvented: The most elegant platform to learn, train and share your knowledge. In the era of social media and peer contribution, the workforce culture has changed and traditional learning management solutions are struggling to catch up. Schoox offers the most powerful and modern learning and knowledge management system that will change forever the …

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Corporate Training Shift- Reasons to Break-free From the Old-School Training Methods to E-learning

Corporate training may be an old concept but it is as valuable for organizations as it was centuries back. Corporate training is offered across industries for several noteworthy reasons with employee development topping the list followed by the need for specialized skill development and improvement in employee recruitment and retention. Corporate training is a win-win …

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