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5 Changes for Transitioning to an Agile Mindset

 We live in one of the most challenging, rapidly changing and always evolving business environments. Those who can’t adapt to the constant transformation of the market and the ever-changing needs and preferences of the consumers are doomed to fail. Those who know how to maintain themselves always relevant and in the minds of their audience …

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The Top 3 Habits of Highly Successful HR Managers

What’s a company’s main resource? It’s not the products, the marketing gimmicks, or the IT infrastructure. It’s the people.   HR professionals are the primary manager of the company’s most valuable resource; it’s employees. In today’s world, an HR professional can’t act as a mere bystander, watching safely from the sidelines. It might be difficult …

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How to Create a Successful Employee Suggestion Program

At Schoox, we believe that employee engagement, satisfaction, and knowledge drive business growth. If you want to see your business take off, you’ll want to consider ways in which to give your valued employees a voice. An employee suggestion program is the perfect medium for understanding your employees’ needs in the workplace. A happy workforce …

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Using Social Media at Work: How Much is Too Much?

The ability to effectively multi-task is a sought-after quality in the workplace. While it’s true that the human brain can’t do two or more things simultaneously, it’s essential to be able to switch seamlessly and quickly between tasks. After all, most employees will have multiple windows open on their browser when they are at the …

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3 Key Benefits Of “Training” Independent Contractors

If you work in the field of human resources management, you probably have quite a bit of experience hiring independent contractors. Sometimes, it just makes sense to outsource a job to someone else – particularly in areas where you have little business expertise, such as Information Technology.   You may be tempted to simply hire …

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Why Top-Performing Employees Leave – And What You Can Do About It

If you’re in the field of human resources management, you’ve probably faced the following scenario. One of your best, most effective workers comes into your office one day – and they put in their two week’s notice.   You’re blindsided. You didn’t know that they were unhappy – or that they were actively seeking other …

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The Power Of Building Clear Career Paths For Your Employees

If you’re a human resources management professional, or you work in any kind of management role, you may be wondering how you can keep your employees motivated, boost employee engagement, and ensure that they are willing to undergo all required corporate training at your business.   The answer? Career paths. There are many things that …

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6 Totally Awesome Tips To Make Your Corporate Training A Smash Hit!

Many employees dread corporate training. Whether it’s a day-long breakout session, or training/eLearnings that they must complete on their own time, poor quality corporate training can be time-consuming, boring, and valueless.   Great corporate training is not a task to dread – it’s exciting, boosts employee engagement, and seriously helps with the development of employee …

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Top Five Mistakes Companies Make When Developing Custom eLearning Content

Mistakes are hard to avoid-especially in this new age of digital innovation, where everything that we thought we knew has become new, fresh, and mandatory online. This is why every company has a human error factor in each of their initiatives. Although, when creating eLearning content, much like many other factors of running a company, …

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