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14 Dec 2012

essay writing 300x197 How to write a college essayCollege essays are generally hard for a number of reasons. Top of the list is because you have no idea what the audience is like and what they expect from you which is understandably okay. On a few occasions, it’s hard because you have many stories tripling over you yet, have no way to deal with it.

On lesser occasions, you have a problem creating sentences that make sense because they tumble to you.

Fact is, the ability to write well is great. This is because, if you know how to write, you will never tumble with anything that comes your way. Writing enables you express their feelings, make yours case and sometimes, even save lives. George Orwell is one of finest English writers of all time and states the following writing rules. These rules are also perfect for college level, essay writing.

  1. In as much as possible, don’t use informal language, colloquial and similes when writing an essay. This is because, such use does not sound or look serious the way college essays should be. Moreover, using colloquial language is subjective because the meaning can be distorted in the process, misleading the readers.
  2. Where necessary, when you are writing your essay, the best strategy is using simple, shirt words and sentences. Where you can say something in a short word or sentence against a longer one, just do it.
  3. If you can cut words out, go ahead and do it
  4. Don’t use a foreign or scientific language where a simple word fits. Many people don t understand scientific or niche based words and statements. To reach out to them, at best, try to keep the words simple and less technical. If there is a simpler, more common term, then use it.
  5. Try to keep the works or essay free of passive voice. In most cases, passive voice slows down the message and reading tempo. Instead, opt for an active voice with more direct action words and verbs. This makes the works more vibrant and interesting to read.

These are some of the rules you can rely on when writing the college essay. Even then, following the above rules doesn’t guarantee a perfect essay. The essay idea and its content is also critical to the impact it will create in the reader.

  1. rules How to write a college essayChoose a subject you care about because that’s the only way you can get the best to the readers and other interested parties.
  2. Don’t ramble on and on. People who ramble on and on about a subject get little or less attention.  Instead, ensure that the way you go about the topic exposes you as a sharp and knowledgeable person.
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Have the guts to cut the story short
  5. Maintain your personal sound throughout the essay
  6. Say what you mean and the readers will take cue
  7. Pity and reason with the reader
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