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The Internet has dramatically changed every aspect of our lives including education. Today, academic institutions definitely can’t do without the Internet and its subsequent technologies.

The cyber age is here. Together with it are the introduction of new technologies; the Internet, Social Media websites, and new communication systems like VoIP.

One huge disadvantage of getting a degree on-line is the lack of physical interaction. Sure it’s a great way to make sure you still have a steady cash flow coming in and can still get a degree to move your way up in your current business, or get the degree you need to do what […]

In this post I will not only cover the skills needed to take your school into the 21st century, but also the products out there on the market that can help you. I’ll try my best to be as thorough as possible, feel free to comment or send in questions at the end of the […]

One of the downsides of attending an online college is the fact there isn’t much interaction between you and other students. Sure, you might get to talk with a few classmates in a chat room or forum, but most of your assignments are to be conducted independently—so you don’t even need to communicate with them […]

Do you feel that you are a modern person in the modern world? Well, what defines you as modern? Is that your way of thinking or lifestyle making you modern? To answer these questions, one thing comes in common, which is education. Yes, your learning procedure defines your life. Your way of thinking, or your […]

There’s no question that technology is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday routine. What is often debated, however, is whether or not our schools should follow the same growing trend. To many students, the issue isn’t to what extent should we use technology in the classroom, but how come my school hasn’t made […]

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