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Higher education is an expensive proposition, even for students receiving grants and scholarships to help pay for school. The costs aren’t limited to tuition either. Books, housing, meals and other college costs add-up too, leaving some students with financial gaps to fill. 0Shares

  With the growing importance of Social Media networking, now many colleges are thinking to start social networking sites to connect, engage and share information, ideas among students and professors.  As college social networking has become more competitive business as many startups compete to offer services to help college students and recent graduates find jobs […]

Life of a student is not as easy-going as some would often assume. In fact, students often live a pretty hectic, tough and, at times, financially strained college life. From managing expenses for new books and materials to saving out some cash for friendly get-togethers, adequate money is seriously needed at every step. Plus, a […]

 If you’ve determined that you’re interested in going back to school for an online graduate degree, you may be overwhelmed at the thought of paying for it. While financial aid is sometimes not as easy to obtain for a graduate degree, there could be money is out there to help you, if you qualify, reach your […]

For many young people, college is supposed to be the natural next step after graduating high school. Unfortunately, a lot of high school students are unprepared for the transition to college education. Even the best students get caught off guard by the multiple deadlines, more reading, and more homework of college courses. College life moves […]

While college is the time to study, make friends, and have fun, it is also the time to start thinking about the future and taking advantage of all the great resources that surround you. It’s way too common, and unfortunately I was no exception, to procrastinate certain actions and steps that can contribute to future […]

Senior year of high school is a time to enjoy quality time with friends, reflect on the progress made over the past 12 years of school, and look forward to life’s next chapter. Too often, though, it becomes a frantic season of college applications, essays, final exams, and other life stressors. Fortunately, the holidays are […]

One of the upshots of going to graduate school, other than a boost in credentials, is that students can now attend through the ease of online courses. The volume of students attending on-campus graduate courses has gradually decreased over the last few years, with higher volumes of applicants and lower volumes of acceptances. On the […]

The quantity and quality of online classes is increasing. More than 50 percent of college presidents surveyed by Pew Research said that online courses provide the same value as do traditional classroom courses. With more people seeking alternative ways to learn, online classes are proving to be an effective solution. 0Shares

When it comes to getting that business degree, American MBA programs remain strong choices for international applicants. Of the top 10 MBA programs in the world, six are located in the United States, according to the Financial Times. Fortunately, these well-ranked business programs consistently look for competitive applicants from overseas. For example, international students formed […]