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Of all the messages left behind by tech giant Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Computers, perhaps the most poignant was his commencement speech at Stanford University. “Do what you love,” said Jobs, “and the only way to be satisfied is to do what you consider to be great work.” Perhaps your view of great work […]

Studying and education is often seen as a means to an end; a way to get a job and progress in your career. However, anyone who has been to university or taken a Higher Education course will tell you that this is only half the story. Education is about enhancing your everyday life, not merely […]

An infographic about hidden gems in business education. Take a look at the way large Universities was and how they are now, which are the 5 top reasons why to go on a small school, and 5 reasons why big schools might be better. See also the 10+1 top-rated lesser known business schools, as well […]

If you were fortunate enough to score scholarships and/or grants in addition to your education loan, you’ll most likely receive a refund after your books, tuition, and housing are paid for. While you may think, “cool now I can afford a new flat screen TV or a new wardrobe,” it’s important that you find some […]