6 Reasons to Choose Teaching as a Career

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18 Jan 2013

Social Media Teaching Linchi Kwok Blog 300x254 6 Reasons to Choose Teaching as a CareerTeaching is a terrific career option for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons many people decide to become teachers is because they enjoy kids and want to change lives. Other good reasons people choose a teaching career are listed below.

Infinite Advancement Opportunities

As part of their career, teachers are required to attain further education. Through this added education, and their experience in the classroom, teachers can be promoted to leadership roles within their school district.

Often times these promotions come with higher salaries.

Ability to Work Anywhere

No matter where you move whether it is across the United States or within your current state, teachers can relocate very easily. Teachers may need to fill out paperwork and apply for different types of licenses, but they will likely not have a problem finding a teaching position in virtually any area they move to.

Spending Time with Children

children church 300x236 6 Reasons to Choose Teaching as a CareerUsually when it comes to children, both young kids and teenagers, some people feel energized by working with kids and others feel depleted. In addition to the noise and chaos that can ensue when working with children some people enjoy it, and others are annoyed by it. For people who thrive when working with children, teaching is the perfect career choice.

Schedule Perks

Teachers have more time off than virtually any other profession. In addition to summer vacation, teachers get holidays off, inclement weather days, and their work day usually ends in the late afternoon. This career choice is perfect for professionals with school age children because it means that their kids also have the same days off of school.

Variety of Career Choices

When someone decides to become a teacher, they aren’t tied down to one particular job. In fact, teachers have the ability to customize what they would like to teach. If someone wants to be an art teacher, they can gear their career towards that goal. Teachers can also choose the age group they would like to work with. Individuals who want to work with young children can choose a teaching degree in primary education. Others who want to work with older kids can choose a secondary teaching degree, or choose to work with adults instead.

biblical choices 6 Reasons to Choose Teaching as a CareerTeaching is a Rewarding Career

Teachers have the ability to change lives. Watching young minds embrace learning and thrive is a reward that is only found in teaching.

Many teachers don’t choose to educate young minds because they are hoping to become millionaires someday. Instead it is their drive to change lives and watch kids develop that lead them to a teaching career path. Teachers are also highly regarded in the communities where they are employed. If you think that teaching is a great career choice for you, do your homework to find out what type of degree you would need to make your dreams come true. Following your dream of teaching will give your life meaning, and you will likely impact the lives of many children through the duration of your career.

Richard Kleven is a teaching career consultant. He enjoys sharing his knowledge on various education and teaching blogs. Visit Concordia University online to learn about more teaching options.

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