4 Reasons to Choose a Career in Hospitality

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15 Nov 2012

GetintoHospitality17401 4 Reasons to Choose a Career in Hospitality

If you are thinking about a career in hospitality you might wonder why this industry would be a good fit for your career plans. In fact, there are several great reasons why a job in hospitality is a great career move. First, the hospitality industry is diverse. It involves several different kinds of service-oriented careers in fields from tourism to fine dining. Second, it is a large and growing industry. It is easier than ever for people to travel for business and leisure and that leads to an increased demand for services and products offered by the hospitality industry. Then there is the opportunity to work in exciting locations worldwide. You can work in great cities and exotic locations depending on the job and company you work with. Last but not least, you have the opportunity to start a career that has competitive pay and the opportunity to grow.

Diverse Industry

The Hospitality industry is one of the most diverse industries in the world. It includes hotels, resorts, tourism, restaurants, spas, and countless other types of businesses that cater to travelers for business and leisure. This gives you a wide option of careers to choose from. With such a selection it is easier to find a job and career that best fits your talents and interests and still be in the hospitality industry. It is also a great reason why people from different majors and backgrounds all find hospitality an appealing field to work in.

Hospitality is Large and Fast Growing Industry

Business Travel 25 300x220 4 Reasons to Choose a Career in HospitalityEven with the effects of a global recession, more people than ever before are traveling for business and leisure and this increase in travel creates booming demand in hospitality services and goods. Even in bad times business from major events, seasonal business travel, and summer vacation destinations drum up a regular flow of business that means steady work and businesses ready to hire.

Work In Exciting Locations

One of the best perks of working for hospitality companies is the opportunity to see the world and work in exciting destinations. Depending on the job you have, you can work in major metropolitan areas like New York, Dubai, or London. You can also work in your dream vacation spot in places like Malibu, the Caribbean, or the French Riviera. At the same time you’ll be exposed to an international staff and clientele that bring diverse viewpoints and cultures that help enrich your job.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Hospitality provides some of the most competitive jobs in the service sector. Even an entry-level job will pay above minimum wage on average. Jobs with the proper education such as management and sales provide competitive salaries. In addition further opportunities for growth and advancement can arise since many hospitality facilities and businesses are part of franchises and hotel chains.

pay benefits image 4 Reasons to Choose a Career in Hospitality

As you can see there is a lot to recommend the hospitality industry. It is a growing industry that offers opportunity to be part of a global community and do work you love.

Guest post contributed by Justin Epley on behalf of Progressive Personnel – find out more about Hospitality jobs. Justin is a careers adviser and freelance writer. His articles mainly appear on tourism blogs and publications.

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