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In the last few years the economic caused many Americans to lose their jobs. But a bigger problem may lie ahead: the education crisis.

“Many employers cannot find qualified Americans to fill their job openings,” cites this well-researched though somewhat depressing infographic. Many careers require at least a high school education. However, more than 25% of American students drop out before they graduate.

The dropouts are only part of the problem. Many stay in school but don’t seem to be learning anything, judging from slipping Math and Science aptitude scores, and even poor basic reading skills. In fact, 70% of eighth graders are reading below their age level.

The infographic also presents some clues on why this problem is happening, from the percentage of students versus teachers.

An Experience of Many Rewards As we discussed in Part I of this series, the experience of teaching abroad is one that has rewards and life lessons on many levels. Thus far, we’ve explored how the combination of working abroad can affect you personally and in your future career endeavors, whether or not they involve […]

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