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A Resumé Entry After exploring some of the personal benefits one accumulates while living and teaching abroad, we’ll now turn our attention to the benefits that such an experience can lend to your future vocational endeavors. Your time as an EFL teacher at XYZ English Academy in the country in which you’ve chosen to teach […]

An Experience of Many Rewards The experience of teaching abroad is one that has rewards and life lessons on many levels. It brings to mind that old remark about enlisting in the military: “See the world and get paid to do it.” This method of experiencing foreign cultures, however, doesn’t require uniforms or side arms. […]

Teaching is a terrific career option for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons many people decide to become teachers is because they enjoy kids and want to change lives. Other good reasons people choose a teaching career are listed below. Infinite Advancement Opportunities As part of their career, teachers are required to […]

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