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Although taking online classes does have its perks, it’s certainly not easier than traditional college. In fact, it can sometimes be more difficult. This belief that online schooling is easier has set many a student up for failure. Thinking that you can pass a course without putting in any effort will always end in disaster, […]

If you were fortunate enough to score scholarships and/or grants in addition to your education loan, you’ll most likely receive a refund after your books, tuition, and housing are paid for. While you may think, “cool now I can afford a new flat screen TV or a new wardrobe,” it’s important that you find some […]

Being a parent is a full-time job in its own right. Being a student is also a full-time job in its own right. So combining the two can seem like a stressful disaster waiting to happen. Juggling being a parent and a student is hard work, but it’s also not impossible if you go into […]

The option to gain your qualifications via e-learning is transforming the educational environment and raises the question, does it really matter how long a student takes to learn or should deadlines still be imposed as in more traditional educational facilities? 0Shares