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In the conclusion of this three-part series on balancing life and work and advancing a career, we’ll consider how to take action outside of the workplace. Part two was an exploration of the many factors that can affect career advancement, including some of the steps an employee can take inside office walls to impress supervisors. […]

In the first part of this three-part series we discussed strategies for staying balanced when juggling school and a full-time job. Students who lack healthy coping mechanisms are likely to suffer from stress which can have a detrimental effect on physical and mental health – making it even harder for stressed-out students to balance all […]

Shouldering the burden of employment along with other “real life” responsibilities while attending school can sometimes feel like it’s too much stress to handle. According to the National Institute of Health, occasional stress can help us meet deadlines–like finishing the thesis to earn a master’s degree. But chronic stress is more just an uncomfortable feeling in the […]

There are certain industries that thrive, whatever the economic climate, and accountancy is one professional field that could even be said to thrive best in difficult economic times.  As a career for those starting out in life it can offer a financially rewarding future and unusually one with a considerable degree of stability. For those […]

Gone are the days when our virtual worlds and physical worlds remained separate entities. Social networks, online media, and even jobs have made the Internet an increasingly prominent part of our every day lives. It’s no surprise that this fusion carries over into education. The authoritative information shared on university, government and hospital websites makes […]

One huge disadvantage of getting a degree on-line is the lack of physical interaction. Sure it’s a great way to make sure you still have a steady cash flow coming in and can still get a degree to move your way up in your current business, or get the degree you need to do what […]

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