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Many people are brainwashed into believing that attending an online university is second-rate to the picturesque, ivory tower college. Sure, many people would like to pursue a four-year degree at a traditional, brick-and-mortar university, but not everyone has the funds or abilities to do so. Many people have a household to run or family to […]

Is life one big popularity contest? Some businesses seem to think so. As social media becomes a more prominent part of our daily lives—and our professional work—the concept of “influence” as an asset is gaining steam. Suddenly, individual workers and their employers have more finite, observable ways to observe and evaluate one person’s clout among […]

Starting up your own business or becoming self-employed has long been a dream for many people.  Tired of the office routine, of obscure targets or simply tired of using your best skills for somebody else’s profit?  If this sounds familiar then you’re probably half way there to quitting your job and going it alone.  It’s […]

While most people believe that getting a college degree is essential when it comes to getting a good job, many people can’t afford to pay for it out of pocket. This leads many people to borrow thousands of dollars in the form of student loans. If you are interested in getting a college education, but […]

When picking a college major these days, students have much more to consider than simply what interests them most. In this economy, things like job demand and potential salary play bigger roles than ever and are worth considering. That being said, there are some degrees that offer students some flexibility and adaptability in their career pursuits, […]

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