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Imagine a world where kids go to school by plugging in and powering up their laptops, interacting with a digital teacher instead of an instructor in the classroom. Does this sound too futuristic? Actually, this scenario is becoming increasingly common, as recently reported in the “New York Times.” Today’s students are so ingrained in technology […]

Education is never easy but it is always rewarding, especially in online courses. With online courses there come new challenges and the biggest one seems to be the art of staying focused. Online courses don’t have a professor you can see face to face to keep your attention, so it’s up to the student to […]

Save money, live better, and keep your grades up with these apps For college students in particular, a data plan can be a huge chunk of your monthly budget, so it’s important to get the most out of it. Here are a few of the best academic and social apps for Android and iOS, so […]

Scout members for a success team Your success team is a support network of people who encourage and motivate you. These people care about your success, but they will also hold you accountable if you should fall short of your potential. Professors can be valuable allies and mentors both during and after college. One of […]

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