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Twenty five years ago, online colleges earned the, then well-deserved, title of “diploma mills”. In much the same way that you might find ads for weight loss programs today that boast effectiveness without dieting or exercising, online colleges would advertise programs that conferred real degrees to students without any coursework or studying. You can’t lose […]

Is distance learning the future of education? Well, the answer to this particular question is sure to bring into fore multiple opinions and reflect the voice of differences. However, whatever the situation might be regarding the varying opinions on distance learning to become the future of education, the possibility can certainly not be ruled out […]

Since online education is still in its infancy, there remain many misperceptions about what online schools are really like. The fact of the matter is that there’s just as much information as there is misinformation, and wading through it all for prospective online students can get to be quite overwhelming. While you may have read […]

Television commercials for online colleges are known for being particularly low-key and geared towards trying to inspire people with the typical clips of students looking inspired, and they rarely take on anything other than a serious tone. However there are a few gems out there that err to the side of being funny over solemn […]

Do you feel that you are a modern person in the modern world? Well, what defines you as modern? Is that your way of thinking or lifestyle making you modern? To answer these questions, one thing comes in common, which is education. Yes, your learning procedure defines your life. Your way of thinking, or your […]

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